IBM in 5G talks with Indian operators

US software major IBM said that Indian enterprises need to evaluate their network infrastructure to be ready for the fifth generation or 5G technology. It has already started discussions with these companies, along with Indian telecom service providers to help them define their 5G strategy, and build our capabilities around the new technology, a senior executive said.

“Now going into 2019, our big focus is on 5G for enterprise and we are looking at it from the infrastructure standpoint…we are really going to push with out clients the whole relevance and importance to adopt the new technology quickly,” Archana Vemulapalli, General Manager, Network services and IS Project & Implementation Services, IBM Global Technology Services (GST), told ET.

“On the strategy and operation side as well, we have out team engaged mainly with telcos and some large enterprises having a 5G position.”

With 5G, amount of data will increase and will become more complex for enterprises, thereby their infrastructure needs to be ready, Vemulapalli said, adding that by addressing these challenges an enterprise can bacome a “data smart organisation”.

The executive said that enterprise with software-defined networks (SDN) coupled with 5G technology will be able to transform themselves in terms of decision making. “…now with 5G if you plan it, the cognitive component suddenly plays a very different role, and can help inthe decision-making.” she added.

Besides helping enterprises plan their network upgrade, IBM is also working with them to develop services around 5G.

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